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T÷lvuor­abˇkin - Help for English speaking users

This document is intended as a guide to the installation and CD key registration in T÷lvuor­abˇkin. It also contains translations of menus and buttons in the main program.

Installation program

Below are most of the dialogs that appear during the installation procedure, along with a translation of the contents of each one. Note that in some cases not all of the following dialogs will actually appear, depending on other software running on the machine at the time etc.

Ts-upp1.gif (5909 bytes)

Welcome to the installation of T÷lvuor­abˇkin.
Please be sure to close any applications that may be running, like Word, Excel etc.

Ts-upp2.gif (7092 bytes)

Press the button to install the program to the specified location.
Mappa: Folder
Breyta m÷ppu: Change folder
HŠtta: Exit

Ts-upp2a.gif (4061 bytes)

T÷lvuor­abˇkin Uppsetning: T÷lvuor­abˇkin Installation
┴fangaskrß: Destination file

Ts-upp2b.gif (3349 bytes)

Do you want T÷lvuor­abˇkin to add its command lines to the Tools menu in Word?
Jß: Yes
Nei: No

Ts-upp2c.gif (4278 bytes)

Please close Word and Outlook and then press OK to continue. You can use Alt+TAB to switch to these other programs.

Ts-upp3.gif (5464 bytes)

The following windows have to do with user registration and licence registration. You can skip that part if you like, and later find these tasks under the Hjßlp menu in T÷lvuor­abˇkin.

Ts-upp4.gif (4211 bytes)

Do you want to register through the built-in Internet gateway or by calling a service representative?
Internet: Internet
Hringja: Call
HŠtta vi­: Cancel

Ts-upp5.gif (4997 bytes)

Installation is complete. If you want to remove the program later, you can do so by using the icon Add/Remove in Control Panel.

Ts-upp6.gif (3081 bytes)

Do you want to open T÷lvuor­abˇkin now?
Jß: Yes
Nei: No


CD key registration

In order to be able to have access to the dictionary beyond the first 15 days, you must register the CD key that's printed on a label on the back of the package. You can either register via the Internet gateway or by calling a service representative.

TO-CD1.GIF (5971 bytes)

Do you want to register via the Internet gateway or by calling a service representative.
Internet: Internet.
Hringja: Call (Call the service representative.)
HŠtta vi­: Cancel.

TO-CD2.GIF (12222 bytes)

The above dialog appears if you chose the Internet button. At the top it says that you're welcome to register your name and other information if you want to have the right to obtain future updates at lower prices.
Nafn: Name.
Netfang: E-mail address.
Kennitala: ID. For foreign use, this should be empty or filled with zeros, as shown.
Kaupandi er fyrirtŠki: Purchased on behalf of an organization (e.g. company).
Tengili­ur: Contact.
Leit: You can search by e-mail address if you think the information has been entered before.
Leita: Search.
Skrß: Register.
Sleppa skrßningu: Skip registration.
╔g vil fß ˇkeypis...: I want to receive free e-mail news on T÷lvuor­abˇkin.

TO-CD3.GIF (7583 bytes)

In order to avoid multiple records with the same information, the program searched for previous submissions of the ID (kennitala). This record was found. Do you want to confirm that this is your information?
Jß: Yes.
Nei: No.
Breyta: Change
You should select Nei.

TO-CD4.GIF (7550 bytes)

You have entered the following information.
Sta­festa: Confirm.
Breyta: Change.
HŠtta vi­: Cancel.

TO-CD5.GIF (7164 bytes)

1. Type the CD key from the back of the package into these boxes.
2. Press the Skrß button to register the key and obtain a user licence.

TO-CD6.GIF (4794 bytes)

Do you want to close the Internet connection?
This concludes the registration via the Internet gateway.

Below are the dialogs that appear when you select the Hringja button (see the first dialog at the beginning of the section CD key registration above).

TO-CD7.GIF (7538 bytes)

Type the CD key from the back of the package into these boxes.
Call 510 2520
(Note: if calling from a country other than Iceland please dial country code 354 for Iceland first). Read out the CD key to the person in the service department.
Then press the ┴fram button to continue.

TO-CD8.GIF (6362 bytes)

Here is a number that the computer generates.
Here comes the number from the service department.
Type the number from the service representative and press the Skrß leyfi button.
This concludes the registration via phone.


Main program

A­ger­ir: Actions
    Leita: Search
        Venjuleg leit: Standard search
        Frambur­arleit: Pronunciation search
        Skřringaleit: Definition search
    Lesa Word skjal: Spell check Word document
    Or­takasafn: Phrases
    Glˇsuskjal: Glossary file
        Velja: Select
        Sko­a, Breyta, Prenta: View, Edit, Print
        Hva­a skjal er Ý notkun: Current file
    Sřna tilvÝsun: Show reference
    Lista aukaor­abˇk: Display user dictionary
    Ey­a or­i ˙r aukaor­abˇk: Delete from user dictionary
    Ůjappa / lagfŠra aukaor­abˇk: Compact / repair user dictionary
    Ey­a sleppaskrß: Delete ignore-file
    Loka: Close

Kostir: Options
    Ţmsir kostir: Miscellaneous options
    Leturbreytingar: Fonts
    Sjßlfgildar sta­setningar: Default locations
    Fljˇtandi gluggar: Windows on top
    Listagluggi: List window
    S÷gugluggi: History window
    Setja T÷lvuor­abˇkina inn Ý Word: Insert Electronic Dictionary command lines into Word Tools menu
    Taka T÷lvuor­abˇkina ˙t ˙r Word: Delete Electronic Dictionary command lines from Word Tools menu

Hjßlp: Help
    Efnisyfirlit: Contents
    T÷lvuor­abˇkin ß vefnum: Electronic Dictionary on the Web
    Leyfisskrßning: Licence registration
    Notandaskrßning: User registration
    Ţmislegt: Miscellaneous
    Um T÷lvuor­abˇkina: About the Electronic Dictionary


The Leit Window:
Leita: Search
Lesa: Read
Glˇsa: Gloss
Loka: Close

The Skřring Window:
Vista: Save
Skeyta: Paste
(Note: The button can have different inscriptions depending on the operation)
Sjß: See
(Note: The Sjß button only appears when there is a reference in the definition text)

Breytt / updated: 19 september 2001.